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I’m looking for one crew (woman), retired


I’m looking for one crew (woman), retired, intelligent & having offshore sailing experience, to share sailing duties ATW (around the world) 2024-2027 navigating my 45’ light sailing catamaran, after 2 years (2022 & 2023) of preparation (attending technical-security courses and sailing Mediterranean/Caribbean during summer/winter). My radio & navigation permits authorize me to drive 60’ sailing boats around the world. I have sailed amostra 7,000 offshore nm (nautical miles) — on French monohulls & catamarans, in Mediterranean & Atlantic, including a transatlantic crossing from Italy to the Caribbean (5,000 nm in 7 weeks) aboard a 50’ sailing catamaran. I am a €-citizen, speak fluently 5 european languages and am passionate about photo, video, music, scuba diving, swimming, bike, high-altitude mountaineering, traveling, dolphins, sunsets and solar-energy (at home and on electric Tesla cars, bikes & catamarans). To discuss this project, please write to catsail2024@gmail.com

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