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Gemini Legacy 35 - 2016


Made in America since 1981, the Gemini Legacy has proven to be
the most family-friendly performance cruising catamaran in the
world, and the reasons are obvious; A 34 inch draft that allows the
boat to be pulled up right next to a beach or anchored in small,
protected coves. A 14 foot beam, which means the boat can be
trucked anywhere in the country, hauled out of the water with a
standard size travel lift and kept in a standard size slip. Costing no
more than an average mid-size monohull, the Gemini Legacy 35
has more interior volume than most 40-foot monohulls. Fast, level
sailing. Imagine moving along at wind speed with virtually no
heeling. your drink stays  on the table and you stay comfortably
reclined in your seat. Plus, with the upgraded engine  option, you
can get home quicker after sailing too. Fast, family friendly, easy to
maneuver, and affordable. All the reasons this boat has been an
American Legacy since 1981. The Gemini Legacy 35 is the most
successful cruising catamaran ever built


Overall length 10.52 m

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