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SEACART 30 for sale


The SEACART 30 designed by Marc Lombard and built in carbon pre-preg by Marstrom is probably one of the most exciting little machines on the market! The quality of manufacture is worthy of racing prototypes, the boat is very solid and mechanically irreproachable. The habitability is possible but the bed is spartan (1 double in the back). Tents can be erected in trampolines. The Lilliputian draft (lifting appendages) makes it possible to approach a recognized grounding zone without problems. the trimaran can be transported and dismantled . A launching trailer exists. The performances are unique, this multihull sails in constant support on a single float. A family or friendly crew is quite capable of leading this boat and progressing with it. Pete Goss completed the tour of the British Isles with his Seacart! Have fun, progress, or win races, everything is possible with this boat.
Motor Mercury 4tps 2016, saffron 2012, Trampolines 2016, GV 43m2 2018, Foc 19m2 2016, 2nd GV conveying origin, Genoa 30m good condition origin, Code O 60m2 good condition origin, Genaker 80m2 origin good condition


Shipyard SeaCart
Boat Seacart 30
Year 2005
Overall length 9.1 m


number of motors 1
type Outboard
Range mercury
HP 6hp
Year 2016


Log speedo Yes

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